Assistive Technology Specialist



Assistive Technology Specialist

REPORTS: Assistant Director Inclusive Education

WORK YEAR: 183 Days (plus additional days)


The Assistive Technology (AT) works directly with students within the Kent School District to assess, develop, implement, train, and monitor AT needs.  The AT Specialist provides evaluation, modeling and training to staff on the full continuum of communication and academic technology supports. The AT Specialist functions as a diagnostic team member and provides ongoing technical assistance to students, staff, and parents.



 Education and Experience

Ø   Master’s degree in speech and hearing sciences, occupational therapy, instructional technology, special education or related field.

Licensing and Certification

Ø  Washington State educational staff associate certification or teaching certificate.



Ø  Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) Certification

Ø  Proven successful experience as an Assistive Technology Specialist.

Ø  Proven successful experience providing student services in urban public education.

Ø  Proven successful experience in an ethnically diverse public-school district.



Must demonstrate a successful level of the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below:

Assistive Technology specific skills related to proficient use of technology systems, computers and electronic communication devices and the ability to develop, implement, and monitor speech, language, communication programming, and academic supports for individuals and groups.

Ø  Knowledge of the rules, regulations, and procedures governing special education.

Ø  Ability to produce accurate records and reports.

Ø  Ability to make independent decisions.

Ø  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, other

employees, and others as needed.

Ø  Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

Ø  Skill in computer operation and ability to learn and operate a variety of software programs.

Ø  Skill in organizing and coordinating workload.

Ø  Skill in organizing and inventorying technology.


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